Salvage Operations & Wreck Removals


Most ports , Inland waterways and approaching areas to terminals require wrecked vessels to be removed.


The wrecked vessels are hazards or threats to navigation.


JAK  have the expertise and heavy marine equipment required to undertake complex wreck removal operations.


We provide “wet salvage” services include dealing with the aftermath of marine calamities, removing pollution threats, UXO’s  and clearing hazards to navigation.


We provide units from within our Salvage & Wreck removal fleet including sheer leg cranes, pull barges and other specialized equipment.


We have completed several wreck removal jobs in the Gulf areas including removal of UXO’s successfully.




At JAK, we provide marine emergency response services within the Arabian / Persian Gulf regions.

We have the capability to conduct  salvage operations by refloating operations and rescue tows.

Our salvage tugs have a wide range of salvage equipment including salvage pumps, submersible pumps, generators, welding, cutting, patching, firefighting and diving equipment.