SPM Services


JAK has put together a strong team of specialists and experienced offshore personnel and are able to offer the below SPM Operational Capabilities  / Services : –

Assist EPC’s as well as Oil & Gas Majors and their respective engineering entities with feasibility and budgetary studies and input for new and existing developments.

  • Towing
  • Diving
  • ROV
  • Tanker Mooring/Unmooring Operations
  • Tanker Hose Connection – Disconnection
  • SPM surface and sub-sea maintenance
  • Floating hose replacement
  • Sub-sea hose replacement Hydrostatic pressure test of sub marine and surface hoses
  • Sub-sea hydraulic umbilical maintenance & replacement (if/when required)
  • Electric/FOC umbilical maintenance & replacement (If/when required)
  • 48 inch sub-sea Valve maintenance & replacement (if/when required)
  • 24 inch plem ESDV valve maintenance & replacement( if/when required)
  • SPM solar panel, battery and all related equipment service, maintenance or replacement (if/when required)
  • SPM electric panel and related equipment service ,maintenance and or replacement if /when required
  • SPM  24 inch pipe-work valve,12 inch crossover valve and SPM center well 24 inch valve and Pipe work service, maintenance or replacement(if /when required)
  • HPU unit service, maintenance & replacement (if /when required)
  • SPM main bearing service, maintenance inspection or replacement (if when/required)
  • Surge piping, surge piping manual valve, surge PSV valve service, maintenance or replacement and calibration (if /when required)
  • SPM buy body ,SPM compartment, SPM skirt, SPM chain lockers,SPM anode, service & inspection as per manufacturer recommendation,
  • SPM telemetry unit  checks, service and maintenance as/when required
  • FOC cable service, maintenance or replacement (if/when required)
  • Plem service and replacement (if required)
  • SPM chain leg tensioning or replacement (if or as required)
  • SPM removal and re-installation (if/when required)
  • SPM tanker end hose rigging service, replacement, certification
  • Mooring hawser, Samson buoy and mooring hawser assembly service ,replacement as /when required.